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Marco Espinosa
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Stay w me, there's a rant in here, mixed w a little teen pain in the angst.
My youngest, and her friends, have been working very hard, helping to put on a play at school.
In the never ending struggle to get past..."what did you do today?"...."nothing".....i start asking about this play.

" is this play?"
"a musical"
"'re singing?"
eye roll...."it is a musical"
" which is it? "
"not a famous one" (undertone is,... its' from this century, you wouldn't know it " )
"What is called? (enormous amounts of self restraint are now being called upon)
eye roll 2 ..." #@%$**&^"
"a year in town?"
serious eye roll " Yer in town ...mumbl;e mumble"
restraint beginning to fail " could have sworn you said urine town"

I's called U R I N E Town....

Ok, she was right, never heard of it, apparently, in this town only nobility can pee at will, others have to pay a pee tax, or get arrested. Apparently it was on Broadway.
Now here's the rant, these kids and their teacher have been busting their butts....since the schools give out discretionary funds to teachers at the beginning of the school year, in the amount most people spend in one night out.... they have to make this work financially...or basically not be able to do anything the rest of the year.
They've collected about $1200......$1400 of which has gone to pay for the rights, put on a play in school.... since a Broadway play gets so little money at...Broadway/merchandising seems another school forwent the acquisition of rights...and was promptly sued....for putting on a play, to collect money for the they can teach kids about ...Plays,,,,,so they can one day put one on Broadway, and sue the crap out of school.
See, the thing is, this is the crap we've allowed to have our kids go through....Teenage angst?....they happen to be right.

A character in a show i was watching said something that caught my attention....basically...."You don't get everything, if you think you have everything, something is one gets only get what you love most.... and you have to figure out what that is"

I think there's something both sad and true about that....but ,maybe, only sad if you mistake what's most valuable.
What do you all think ?

I added this seemed to fit, and someone's artwork reminded me of this poem, which i first heard of while watching the movie "The Outsiders"

Nothing Gold Can Robert Frost

Nature's first green is gold
her hardest hue to hold.
her early leaf's a flower;
but only so an hour,
then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
nothing gold can stay.
Saw a comment about winter that made me think.Seasons, like people, never change suddenly.
If you see a sudden change, you're only seeing what was there all along. Winter, or whatever season you were in, looses interest.The grass is greener in the next season.If you were only interested in the pretty postcard scenes, the new scenes you crave have pretty flowers instead of idyllic snow can't even remember those, only shoveling and bad weather are the memories now.
Chances are, spring will eventually bring some allergies, and summer will be remembered as sweltering and suffocating....and there's always the next season.
Sometimes you wonder why you're never completely happy w the don't stop to think of the good times in each season, the stuff that feels good all year, because you're happy w the change, until it feels like the next change will be better......we miss a lot, but, it's often just human nature

For either no particular reason..or a million random ones,i was thinking today that, people are like books.

Yes, there's the old ..."can't judge a book by its cover"...but, sometimes you don't open a Fabio cover and expect Hemingway (you might say you did, but you really didn't)

Some seem like a short, obvious story, but get way better as you read them.Others, just the opposite, they start out interesting,then you realize it's a way overtold plot, plagiarized for what seemed popular.

Some are once in a lifetime experiences, they can change your life. Others are serial worked once, so why not keep re-telling?.

Some are all flash and cover (sadly, they get a lot of sales...think twilight).some, you never forget,and keep re-reading them, never getting tired of them.

And, unfortunately...some notes..written in pencil...saying whatever seemed right for the day....yeah, some are like post-it notes.

This site is getting its priorities and policies ass/backwards.

A good friend and admired artist had one of her best pieces taken down as "unsuitable", due to what was deemed pornographic content.

Aside from the fact that it is a damn good tecnical drawing and great composition, the piece is very obviously a very symbolic surreal piece.

While it can be argued that there are recognizable sexual images and themes, there's a big f***ng difference between using that as a way of artistically conveying a wider subject, and the grunt-in-the-dark actual porn that gets accepted as suitable here every day.

The site is full of gynecological half assed selfies, put up and commented on by people who have the invention of the internet as the only thing keeping them from hanging around high school locker rooms in long coats, or spending the afternoon in the back row of a porn theatre.

That kind of porn trolling is acceptable and even commented and encouraged in commentaries by like minded mouth breathers trying to mutually pretend to each other that their sticky exposures are ,actually,art, or "self expression".

But, the above is accepted,and a strong, fantastic work is not, because some tight-ass couldn't get their head (and/or hands) out of the gutter to see past the sexual aspect.

Crap like this happens when weight is given to the opinion of people w. obviously way more than time on their hands.


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