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Marco Espinosa
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"People discuss my art and pretend to understand as if it were necessary to understand, when it's simply necessary to love." - Claude Monet

Saw this quote earlier, and it reminded of an incident at the Museum of Modern Art in NY i think, where a Miro' painting hung upside down, and was :understood" and discussed for quite a while before it was noticed and re-hung.
I think he's right...up to a don't have to "get it" for it to make an impact on you, and,the viewer's "understanding" is his/her interpretation of the piece.That view comes influenced by everything from technical knowledge to what kind of day it was, it is totally subjective.
Where i think he may be somewhat dismissive is if the "understanding" includes some knowledge of the artist, what he may have been going through at the time, what the artist may have said about the piece. And also,context, you can be wowed by something because you thing its an original idea and technique, only to find out later that it's been done a million times, maybe better...or that it's merely a product of quick technology, a cheap copy being passed off.
So yeah, loving it is most important, but understanding in context is too.
Do'nt know that Monet implied this applied to people and relationships, but it probably does
Been talking a lot to friends lately about what things you do in your life define you.
One thing keeps coming up, nothing defines you as much as being consistent, and real in what you say and do.
Yes, we all have that surface facade that we carry around and use as the every day buffer.It's convenient, easy to carry around, and , in my opinion, not everyone you interact with deserves to be allowed beyond it.
But, you're defined by that inner layer you open to the people you care about and care about you. Here, you should only say and do what you mean, it's ok to not always express it, but, when you do, it should be real, YOU need to be consistent with what you you portray yourself as.
If you don't, if you constantly re define, change and re label, NOTHING is real, not for you, or anybody else around can you be trusted if you can't even trust yourself?.
I think, sometimes, some people grow so accustomed to lying, and being lied to, they come to think of it as a normal state of being...that's a shame, again, nothing is real's like going thru life looking through a virtual reality camera.
It's simple, be what you say you are, don't break trust... you don't have to say a lot, but mean it when you do, be consistent to is so much simpler then
(with apologies to Elizabeth for jumping on her bandwagon)

..."I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

A friend gave me Beloved to read a long time ago, it remains one of the most personally moving books i've ever read, she was truly an amazing woman....R.I.P.
I think it was Mark Twain that said there's 3 kinds of lies,  Lies...Damn Lies...and Statistics.
I was talking w someone recently about how some people manipulate and redefine what they mean or meant to that it fits whatever actions they take, and, in their doesn't violate any value they previously presented.
I think those are the worst and most dangerous liars. Because they actually convince themselves that these new definitions are perfectly acceptable...even pathological liars are ,at least, predictable.
But , people like this can't ever be trusted, because, no matter how heartfelt they present a feeling on  ANY issue, they can always violate it and say you didn't understand what they meant.....Yes, they said they're going to paint the house yellow, but now they're painting it blue....well, my bucket is yellow, and this color is what i call yellow, so it's just that we have different opinions...and opinions can't be wrong.
Worst of all, they're usually VERY good at it,(they have to be, to convince themselves) so good in fact, that, if you're not careful, you might start to confuse your colors...after all... this is someone you trust, they looked right at you when they said yellow...they HATE blue...maybe you're wrong, maybe, in just the right light, a certain percentage of the time, blue=yellow... the statistics may back it up....and that's the thing, life is not that complicated, blue is the house, yellow is the bucket, statistically, as Twain said, a man w one foot in a fire ,and the other in a bucket of ice should be perfectly fine , but, in a simple, and honest reality, he's being tortured....the color is f***ng blueVenus 2 by FoolSightBlind
Saw this quote, i think it fits most creative people i know...

"Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate,and the desire to hide"...

I have no idea who the quoted person is, but it feels right. i know i feel much safer, more confident  expressing stuff in artwork than i do verbally...I generally don't say it if i don't feel it and doesn't have great results....i'm fairly sure i can put it in a piece without F****g up nearly as much.
Anybody else?


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